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Why did we start Paliq?

Updated: May 16, 2023

pal-iq (profit & loss with an IQ)

As a seasoned cloud technology expert, I have witnessed various industries evolve from simply using technology to becoming technology-first companies. Throughout my career, I have played a pivotal role in driving the digital transformation of several enterprise-level organizations. With businesses re-architecting their application monoliths and adopting microservices, they are exploring innovative ways to monetize their digital assets. This has resulted in the development of more flexible pricing models, which provide customers with greater options compared to the traditional bloated subscription plans.

Also, in the current macroeconomic climate, software vendors are increasingly striving to be agile and generate revenue by offering customers exactly what they need. However, this shift towards complex pricing models demands an automated pricing & billing engine. But automating cash & revenue operations is often a complicated task, and having built these systems, I have seen firsthand the difficulties companies face in attempting to automate these processes. This is where Paliq comes in.

At Paliq, we take a unique approach to solve this problem. Instead of following the traditional builder-first mentality, we prioritize delivering a turnkey solution that seamlessly integrates into current operations without lengthy implementation cycles. Leveraging the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we aim to apply these principles to automate pricing and billing operations, bringing the latest technological advancements to the forefront of business.

At Paliq, our mission is to empower every member of every organization to achieve more. We do that by offering an enterprise pricing & billing system that is easy to understand and implement, enabling companies to rapidly iterate and bring new pricing paradigms to market. Our system ensures that companies remain competitive and agile in today's ever-changing business landscape, allowing them to respond quickly to changing market demands and customer needs.

Megha Chawla

Founder, CEO of Paliq

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